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Elijah And Christine Dating Main Page


Elijah is later seen a the mansion wanting up towards Hayley. Eve warns them that if the wolves don’t wish to be discovered they won’t. In the bayou, Rebekah and Elijah are still talking to Eve. She tells them concerning the new wolves that has got here into city.

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He then tells her she came right here to collect information about her household and to be taught what she can. Elijah has reminiscences of Celeste and Klaus while Hayley is caring for him. When Klaus stops abruptly, Elijah asks if he has her scent, but Klaus grows that it’s the scent of someone he thought he was rid of – Tyler Lockwood. Elijah instantly questions why Tyler would come here. Klaus later reveals to Rebekah that he neutralized Elijah and introduced him to Marcel for peace keeping.

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After Hayley and Klaus argue, Klaus wantmatures com browse states he desires to complete his bottle of scotch and the subsequent to drown out the nightmares he has been having of their father Mikael. When Klaus tells him to have his snicker, Elijah in a serious face says he finds none of it amusing as Mikael has been haunting his goals to. The brothers assume it have to be the work of a witch and their solely suspect is Genevieve.

Elijah awoke to seek out blood staining his painting in the compound, simply as he had foreseen in the vision of the prophecy; one other reminder that the downfall of his family was still probably coming. In The Other Girl in New Orleans, Elijah interrogated Tristan, trying to pry Rebekah’s location out of his first sired. Their interrogation continued and Tristan remained resilient despite the intense ache he was going via, warning them that The Strix would descend upon their house to free him. With Freya’s help, Elijah managed to interrupt via Elijah’s mind sufficient to see the phrase “cepheus”. Soon after, The Strix arrived to rescue their captive leader. Elijah did his finest to battle them off, by way of extracting hearts and decapitating the members of his sireline.

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Elijah took Finn’s thoughts into account and decided to save the bullet but maintain it protected if in the future of any of them wished to lastly finish their lives. While Elijah helped his siblings cope with the specter of Gaspar Cortez, he found that Hayley had been systematically killing members of The Strix who have been involved in Jackson’s execution. Elijah tried to convince her to cease along with her kill list since it might start a war and implored her to think about Hope’s safety. She stormed away, leaving her list of Strix members with him. Later, Elijah returned the record to Hayley, with the rest of the names crossed off, having eliminated the remaining targets himself to spare her the hazard and burden. She told him she beloved him, although all he did now was remind him of how she hurt Jackson by being in love with another man.

Elijah had no downside feeding off of random people to keep himself fed and satisfied. After Elijah met his then-fiancée Antoinette, he adopted her beliefs when it came to feeding off humans. Like Antoinette, Elijah now feeds and drains his victims of their blood. In The Feast of All Sinners, Vincent released the Hollow from Hope’s body, but was compelled to switch it into Klaus, Rebekah, Kol, and Elijah.

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Elijah listens in on the dialog between Marcel and Sophie Deveraux, during which Marcel needs to know why Klaus has returned and was in search of Jane-Anne. Elijah then calls Rebekah and divulges to her that Klaus’ former scholar, Marcel continues to be alive which Rebekah finds surprising. Elijah explains to his sister that the person who Klaus sired now guidelines New Orleans, with savage vampires and killing for any human to search out.